About Sentriqo

The Company

Sentriqo Security, Pvt Ltd. is a state registered and licensed security company based in Harare – Zimbabwe. We are a client-focused and result driven security company. Respect for both our own employees and for members of the local communities where we operate is a key consideration in determining our security strategies and plan.   As a team we identify risks and ensure that effective controls are in place to protect people, products, assets and company reputation. We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.

Guard & Reaction Team

Security, has a very unique approach on delivering services to our clients. Our officers are classified from Grade A to C, and supervised accordingly. Security for sites and threats differ hence the cost differ as well. All our guards undergo a rigorous training with Army Trained and Certified Drill Instructors, vetting and medical screening before being employed. The following grading’s are used:

Evaluation Reports

It is vitally important for any business entity to have a continuous evaluation on risk management policies and procedures. We continuously update our clients on any latest developments in the form of monthly reports pertaining to their business.We promise the best of crime management systems, best designed specifically for your unique line of  business’ security demands. We understand your security needs and deliver a cost advantage service at best quality as our motto. 

"We protect your business… to protect ours"