Our Services

Close Protection Services

Corporations, Small Businesses and Private individuals face an ever-increasing threat from terrorists, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. When a situation such as kidnapping, assassination, blackmail, industrial espionage and publicity arises the need for Close Protection (Close Protection is the standard title for the more commonly used term of Bodyguard) is paramount. Close Protection operations are often of an extremely sensitive nature. After carrying out a detailed security/threat assessment Sentriqo will produce a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy, ensuring the client can carry out their everyday activities secure in the knowledge that their well-being is under the close observation of our operatives who will conduct themselves professionally and discreetly according to the cultural, political and religious environments in which they are required to work.

Chauffeurs and Security Drivers

The provision of high calibre chauffeurs for business or pleasure is a request that Sentriqo regularly fulfils for many of its clients, as and when required.

Residential and Office Security

 Security is provided with complete professionalism and discretion, allowing our clients and families to conduct their business and personal lives in an unobstructed manner, in the knowledge that they are secure at all times. This also incorporates a consultancy and survey service to ascertain the requirements of any improvements such as electronic security devices, CCTV cameras and Access control systems.

Counter Surveillance Services

Sentriqo Security assess perimeters as well as the building interiors for security weaknesses and they will provide a detailed assessment and any recommendations for any security breaches in your security system and threats against your premises.

Our Special Event Security Services

Engaging Sentriqo personnel releases the function organiser from the concern of general security and allows them to concentrate on ensuring the guests enjoyment and the smooth running of the event. Should a problem arise at any time it would be very reassuring to know that an experienced security officer is on hand to deal with the situation promptly and efficiently? Sentriqo personnel have been involved with a wide variety of functions and special events for Government bodies & Departments, Corporate AGM’S and Entertainment industry parties. Corporate functions, Shareholder meetings and Special events, which are usually one off affairs and often held in unfamiliar surroundings, are increasingly looking to us to provide unobtrusive, discreet and efficient security personnel to control access, protect clients, guests and their property.

Monthly Services

We provide detailed survey reports, analysis and risk assessments that give a clear overall picture of the clients’ business location or investments, Sentriqo Security can advise how best to defeat or greatly reduce future Security problems. Utilizing proven, effective security measures, whilst providing the safest, possible environment for clients and their personnel to operate in. Sentriqo Security consultants offer an insured overt and covert asset protection service for high-risk valuable goods at static locations in Zimbabwe. In accordance with SAZ specifications, the aim of Sentriqo Security is to provide highly trained, professional, fully vetted and insured security operatives and teams for an extensive range of specialised security services. We give total security solutions to both the public and